A highly accessible form of participatory music making, for groups of up to 25 children, young people or adults. Participants choose improvised or conventional rhythm instruments to create multi-part rhythmic performances.


  • Groups bang, crash, tap and smack all sorts of real or improvised percussion instruments to create a unique piece of highly synchronised music, consisting of at least four simultaneous part;

  • Every participant will contribute a simple yet important rhythm to a group improvised piece;


  • The music is developed, improved and added to during the session depending on the technical level of participants to ensure it is always pitched at the best level of challenge;

  • Rhythms start, stop, change, increase and decrease in volume and tempo;

  • Participants have the chance to lead, conduct and take control of the group performance;

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  • An option to put on an impromptu performance at the end of the session for others;

  • Opportunities for solos, swapping instruments, parts and groups to get a truly rounded experience;

  • Groups consist of between 12 – 40 participants. An ideal group size would be between 20 – 30 people;

  • A highly engaging activity for everyone, which is great for focussing the mind;

  • Warm-up and icebreaker rhythm games available if group members are unfamiliar with one another;

  • An option to record sessions, performances or individual groups to create a fully mastered CD;

  • Music technology element can be added for participants to recreate their own performances using recorded sound files of their workshop.

  • Listen here to a piece created and edited by a KS2 primary school group.

Benefits & outcomes

  • Learn important teamwork skills, e.g. listening, sharing ideas, playing a role, understanding and appreciating own and other people’s strengths and supporting each other to collectively achieve a goal;

  • An opportunity to enjoy, achieve and have fun;

  • Increase confidence and willingness to have a go and try things;

  • Instills a passion for rhythm and music;

  • Participants feel part of something bigger and recognise the importance of their contribution;

  • An opportunity to focus, concentrate and see quickly the outcome of the effort put in;

  • Provides the freedom for all participants to exercise their creativity and share it with others;

  • Provides opportunities for participants to think, “Wow – I can do this. I didn’t think I could but I tried and I surprised myself. I wonder what else I could do that I previously thought was impossible?”

Delivery options & costs

Delivery option 1

A series of 1 hour sessions delivered during a half or full day for different groups: Sessions would include a short warm-up, 10 minutes in subgroups, 15 minutes in full group, 10 minutes in subgroups, 20 minutes in full group including a performance for the next group.

Delivery option 2

2 – 4 hour sessions with one group: The session includes the following; a warm-up and icebreaker games, introduction to various percussion instruments, gathering improvised percussion instruments from the local vicinity, in-depth support in subgroups to develop rhythms and techniques, supported practice time, full group practice and development, shaping and creating a group piece, introduction to conducting and leading for participants, recording opportunity, performance opportunity, instrument and rhythm exchanging and group to group rhythm teaching.

Delivery costs

  • One-off 2 hour evening session £80

  • Half day (4 hour session) £160

  • Full day (7 hour session) £300

Fuel charge applies over 15 miles@ 20p per mile

Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs. The service menu sets out the framework for sessions, however various alternative elements can be added if you have something specific in mind. To ensure workshops are delivered at an appropriate difficulty level, age ranges should be kept to a minimum. Guideline ranges are as follows:

7 – 10yrs, 10 – 13yrs, 13 – 16yrs. Please discuss variables within these ranges.


Download the information card here.

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Listen to a piece created as part of a music extra-curricular club performed by KS2 children from a primary school in Berkshire. All instruments and voices are the children’s.