Workshops & Courses

Circus Skills

Tutored group sessions. Learn to spin plates, poi, juggle balls, scarves and clubs, flip flower sticks and spin staff. Confidence boosting, reflective learning, team-building workshops for all ages. Discover your own learning preferences.

Team Building

Team challenges and games to test physical, cognitive and creative skills. Teams are supported to overcome obstacles by working together with personalised feedback and reflection to enable growth and improvement.

Cardboard Arcade

Build real games from cardboard to test a variety of dexterity and motor skills. Participants of all ages are supported to use creativity and practicality to build, test and problem solve then play their games in groups.

Music Workshops

Boomwhacker and Rhythmania group music-making workshops. Encouraging teamwork skills, performance and creativity skills, groups are supported to compose and perform together using both tuned and untuned percussion.

Game Workshops

Structured, adult-led game workshops for all group sizes and ages. Games can be used as an effective vehicle to promote and develop logical thinking, social skills, teamwork, physical development and for relaxation and enjoyment.

Children’s Parties

A huge range of fun party games for children aged 5+. High-octane, back-to-back structured games to keep children active, engaged and burning off excited energy. For KS2 children add a circus skills workshop.

Confidence Builder

Workshops specially designed to support children and young people’s confidence development. Practical, active sessions weaved in with theory and reflection allow participants to grow and test new skills.

History Live!

Bring historical characters to school. Trained actors deliver exciting and engaging workshops designed by teachers, for primary school children. Characters are set up to match the current national curriculum history topics.