Rhythmania & Boomwhackers

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Boomwhackers is a tuned percussion workshop for groups of up to 25 children, young people or adults, aged 7 years+. Participants use tuned Boomwhacker tubes to create improvised pieces, compositions, performing together, learning teamwork & communication skills along the way.

Rhythmania is a accessible form of participatory music making, for groups of up to 25. With no prior musical experience necessary, participants choose improvised or conventional rhythm-making instruments to create impressive, multi-part rhythmic performances.


Boomwhackers are an accessible form of music making. Participants learn, create and share various rhythms with the addition of pitch.

Boomwhackers are hit against a surface such as a floor or table edge, which resonates the pitch marked on each individual tube.

Groups are split into 3 or 4 subgroups which work on individual rhythms and then brought back together and played simultaneously.

Subgroups can develop this idea by learning two or more rhythms which are alternated during a group performance.

Groups learn about keys, notes, basic chords, chord structures, chord progression and melody making, with an introduction to creative composition.

An ideal introduction to musical rhythm and pitch for those previously unable to truly access music making activities.

Groups can create their own pieces using multiple Boomwhackers, in the style of bell-ringing.

Learn an existing piece which will be played by all members who are individually responsible for specific notes and sections in the piece.


Groups bang, crash and tap traditional and improvised percussion instruments to create unique, synchronised music, consisting of simultaneous part.

Participants improvise and test new rhythms, incorporating starts, stops, changes, increases and decreases in volume and tempo.

The music is developed, improved and added to during the sessions, ensuring activities are always challenging and rewarding.

Participants have the chance to lead, conduct and take control of the group performance with an option to perform at the end of the session for others.

Opportunities for solos, swapping instruments, parts and groups, providing participants with a wide range of musical experiences.

Warm-up and icebreaker rhythm games available if group members are unfamiliar with one another.

An option to record sessions, performances or individual groups to create a fully mastered CD or MP3.

Music technology element can be added for participants to recreate their own performances using recorded sound files of their workshop.

Rhythmania Recording


Learn important teamwork skills, including listening and sharing ideas.

Learn to understand and appreciate participants' strengths and how to support others.

An opportunity to enjoy, achieve and have fun.

Increase confidence and willingness to have a go and curiosity to try new things.

Spark a passion for rhythm and music.

An opportunity to focus, concentrate and quickly see the benefits of group effort.

Exercise and explore personal and group creativity, sharing musical ideas with others.

Instill a desire to learn more about musical pitch and rhythm due to its accessibility, building resilience and a love of learning.

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Delivery Options


  • 2-hour session
  • Up to 20 participants
  • Age 7+
  • Warm-ups, group work, improvisation & performance

Half Day

  • 4-hour session
  • Up to 20 participants
  • Age 7+
  • Warm-ups, group work, improvisation & performance

Full Day

  • 7 - 8-hour session
  • Up to 20 participants
  • Age 7+
  • Mix of Rhythmania and Boomwhackers plus games

Increase your group size to 25 with 2 workshop leaders.

Please contact for a larger group size quote.

20% evenings and weekends charge will be added if applicable.

Travel expenses applicable, dependant on location at 20p per mile from Bath.