Game Workshops

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To play is to learn. Structured game workshops provide opportunities for participants to develop personal and social skills for life and learning. This is achieved via structured play, incorporating teamwork, persuasion, physical skills, creative and lateral thinking, communication skills and strategising.

Workshops are tailored to the ages, size, space and learning needs of the group. Have fun with friends or colleagues, laugh, be silly and build relationships and confidence with a game workshop.


Games and activity workshops are for groups of children aged 5+ and young people, for up to 50 participants!

Some games are short, lasting just 5 minutes, others can take over an hour, some for much longer.

Types and styles of games vary, including energetic, physical, non-physical, circle, cognitive, problem solving and indoor and outdoor activities.

Larger activities can be set up as group challenges, which require teams to prepare and carry out performances or to complete tasks.

Start with warm up games, then a few larger, more in-depth games or activities, finishing off with some simple circle or full group games.

Everyone is encouraged to join in within their comfort zone and given the opportunity to push themselves in a safe environment.

All activities are risk assessed before and actively managed during activity programmes.

Games and activities can be adapted to fit particular themes or learning objectives.

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Icebreaking – getting to know one-another, friendship building.

Develop problem solving skills.

Learn to take on leader and follower skills.

Enjoy and achieve physical and mental wellbeing,

Develop social and interactive skills.

Push the boundaries of perceived limitations.

Experience and positively manage competition, success and failure.

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Delivery Options


  • 2-hour workshop
  • Up to 30 participants with 1 leader
  • All materials supplied
  • Huge range to choose from

Half Day

  • 4-hour session
  • Up to 30 participants per session
  • All materials supplied
  • Over 200 games to choose from

Full Day

  • 7 - 8-hour session
  • Rotating groups of up to 30
  • All materials supplied
  • Physical and cognitive, indoor and outdoor

Increase your group size to 50 with 2 workshop leaders.

Please contact for a larger group size quote.

20% evenings and weekends charge will be added if applicable.

Travel expenses applicable, dependant on location at 20p per mile from Bath.