Confidence & Resilience Builder

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Courses and workshops designed to help children and young people build life & learning skills such as confidence, resilience, problem solving, goal setting, social skills, enthusiasm for learning and emotional intelligence.

Programmes are tailored with the individual or group in mind, encompassing a range of activities such as discussion and task-based learning, team building, games and play, workplace visits, trips to local venues, opportunities to try new things, develop interests and explore what the world has to offer and each child & young person’s place in it.

Course Content

Programme content is created based on the needs of the group which can include the following:

team building

social town challenges

game building - teamwork

circus skills

external venue trips and visits such as high-ropes, climbing and canoeing

motivation and goal-setting

group projects

map-reading and orienteering

public speaking and presenting

play-based learning.

Programmes can be delivered once a week for a 6-10 weeks, daily during school holidays or several sessions per holiday over a 6-month period.

Previous clients include The Jon Egging Trust, Neston Primary School, Wider World and Wyvern College.

Ideal group sizes are between 10-20 children or young people. Larger, staggered or leveled groups are also possible.

Ideal candidates for the programme are students who would benefit from a confidence & resilience boost.

Participants' progress & successes are recorded, fed back & celebrated, enabling self-reflection and personal improvement.

Baseline and post-programme data is collected in both quantitative and qualitative forms.

Risk assessments, DBS checks, staff ratios are completed for all sessions, staff and volunteers if required.

Schools have used Pupil Premium funding to enable pupils to participate in this programme.



Boost confidence in own abilities

Strengthen resilience - better able to manage failure

Improved ability to interact socially with peers

Improved aspirations for mid and long-term goals

Stronger desire for self-improvement

Happier and more likely to make healthy choices

Stronger feeling of trust and willingness to rely on others

Awareness of links between emotions and actions

Develop new interests, hobbies and skills

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Delivery Options


££88per session
  • 2-hour sessions
  • Up to 25 participants
  • 6 to 10 weeks
  • Please contact for detailed quote


  • 2x 2-hour session
  • Up to 20 participants
  • Two sessions spaced 1 or 2 weeks apart
  • On or near school site


  • 5 consecutive
  • Up to 15 participants
  • half or full days, on or off-site
  • Please contact for detailed quote

Wider World

£270per pupil
  • 13 activity days
  • 6-month period
  • Charity part-funded
  • Pupil Premium eligible

Increase your group size to 30 with 2 workshop leaders.

Due to the flexible nature of this programme, a specific quote will be provided following an initial meeting.

20% evenings and weekends charge will be added if applicable.

Travel expenses applicable, dependant on location at 20p per mile from Bath.